Summer Hairstyles: 5 Looks To Try For The New Season

Summer Hairstyles: 5 Looks To Try For The New Season

 OK, so we’re now technically out of winter (woop!) and our thoughts can’t help but celebrate warmer months and hotter hairdos that aren’t hidden under woolly hats. Summer is all about new beginnings, and it’s the perfect time to unveil a big transformation, so why not ring in the changes with perfectly on-trend summer hairstyles befitting of the season?
We don’t know about you, but we are super excited, which is why we’re here with our bumper edit of looks to try for a new season. Below you’ll find a whopping 5 summer styles – think you’re ready? Let’s begin.

Festival Feels

Spring/Summer 2018 fashion shows have already hinted that this year, the festival hair kick-off will begin early. Forget about it seeming slightly premature and dress your tresses like they are fit for Glastonbury with floral garlands, feathers, glitter and butterfly clips. This vibe is accessorised hair that has come undone, so forget about washing your tresses daily and invest in the festival staple of dry shampoo to keep greasiness at bay.

The New (Beyonce) Bardot Beehive 


Thanks to the beehive, gravity defying hair is back, and it’s bigger than ever. It might not be one for the office, but it’s certainly our new go-to ‘do for spring’s special occasions.  To get the look, take your comb and backcomb sections from the root. How high you want to go is up to you, just be sure to equip yourself with a firm hold hairspray.

The High Ponytail

 Last year, the high bun had more than a moment but, this summer, it’s making way for its little sister; the high ponytail. This look works on so many levels; both sleek and textured, the only prerequisite is height (the higher, the better).  If it’s good enough for Sienna Miller, it’s good enough for us. To ensure you keep height all day, our top tip is to secure the hair with two (or even three) hair ties for a firm hold.

Shiny and Slick

Kim Kardashian, Shay Mitchell,and Gigi Hadid have jumped on the spring trend for hair that looks so slick it might as well be soaking. At first we were dubious but now you can consider us converted – question is, are you?


We’ve discussed the styles of the summer season, so now it’s time to talk about the colour. Christened ‘bronde’, it appears blonde in some lights and golden blonde in others. This clever trickery is achieved with some on-point highlighting, so speak to your stylist about making the jump. After all, you’ll be in the company of Brie Larson and Gisele Bündchen, and that is no bad thing.  Click here to learn how to get the colour that continues to make it to the top of every ‘summer hair colour’ list.

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