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Surviving Winter in 5 Steps

Winter Hair Care Tips at Sixth Sense Hair Salon in Sutton Coldfield

Winter is coming (sorry, not sorry) and it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare your tresses for the cold season. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your hair doesn’t need special care for this time of year, after all, you treat your mitts to gloves and your lips to chapstick so why wouldn’t you offer your hair full protection against the chill?  Sixth Sense Hairdressers in Sutton Coldfield give the low-down on very easy tips that ensure your hair not only survives in winter but thrives. You’ll thank us by spring.

Schedule a trim

winter hair

Fact is, your hair comes through summer with quite a lot of damage. This includes sun-bleaching which cause dryness, split ends and breakage. On top of this, summer tends to make us all a bit more experimental with colours and updos which all increase build-up and damage. To undo the damage of summer (without erasing the memories) schedule a trim! Not only will this prepare your hair to be the best it can be, it will also serve to look fuller and thicker.

Hats On

winter hair

Hats are a must for winter because they work on so many levels. First, they keep your locks protected from the elements, especially the cold which leads to dry hair and then subsequent breakage. Secondly, hats work to lock in the warmth which is actually conducive to hair growing. Think of it like a little greenhouse for your hair.

Drink more water

winter hair

In winter, we tend to drink less water and more warm drinks. This poses the risk of dehydration which actually poses a very real threat to your hair’s potential. In fact, the cells that are responsible for hair growth directly rely on water to do their thing – which means you can take as many hair supplements are you want, but they won’t work if your cells aren’t fueled. Not only this, but our scalp relies heavily on water to remain healthy. Water activates all these nerve endings and other sensors in our skin and scalp that enhances the natural vitality of hair roots. Think of the scalp like the soil, and work hard to keep it healthy so good things can grow. And, if you are craving a warm drink – make it a fruit tea! (we have plenty of choice on our menu). 

Eat Healthier

winter hair

We all know that winter is conducive to comfort eating – it’s cold, comfort food is calling, seasonal parties are a free for all and layers cover a multiple of sins. Don’t worry, it’s actually in our wiring to gain a little extra fat for winter but the downside is bad eating plays havoc with our hair. Fact is, you are what you eat and that goes for your hair too. Eating foods rich in minerals and vitamins is going to keep your hair follicles happy and hair growth consistent.

Deep Condition

winter hair

Winter is the time to step up your conditioning game with deep conditioners that serve to give your tresses everything they need to armour up against the chill. A good conditioning regime will serve to combat frizz (a common winter complaint) because it offers the inner structure of the hair the moisture it needs to stay healthy. Speak to your stylist about the best conditioner for you or coat your hair with olive oil, which actually serves to perform the same function – but might require a little bit more effort washing out.

If you are local, pop by to Sixth Sense Salon (your number one salon in Sutton Coldfield) for a chat on how to arm up for winter.