Curls Comeback

The Curl Comeback

Curls Comeback

We could probably thank both New York and London, for their Fashion Week throwback homage to the era best forgotten (pointing the finger at you, 1980s!). Because it was only after their interpretations of the 80s power blow dry that curls starting cracking through. Don’t worry though, curls are subject to a pretty wide interpretation from the loose and undone, to the tightly wound 80s perm. Hairstylists were summing up their collections with keywords like “unique” but, in all essence, what is means is – it’s time to let curls be curls.

Here is the low down on everything you need to know about the curl comeback.

Retro Waves

Charlotte Olympia choreographed a visual extravaganza of a show. Think models and dances in gold sequin swimsuits, dancing with giant fruit. The theme was Tropicana and the mood was wonderfully nostalgic, with a nod to 1930s ShowTime. Hair was styled by thee Sam McKnight and locks were set in heated rollers and then lightly tonged to give a classic 40s wave with a contemporary feel. The joy of this look is, it seems effortless but it’s actually subject to some pretty intensive crafting and setting – we’d predict it’s Bridal Hair penetration by Spring next year.

Curl Comeback

Crimp and Curl

The Topshop Unique show was one of the highlights of London Fashion Week, not just because of the clothes (think zebra and high waist pencil skirts) but because of the hair. Locks were fresh and funky, a homage to that roller boot Barbie you had age 5. That’s right, we are talking brushed out girls and crimps (yes, they still make crimping irons – just with less frazzle potential). A side ponytail and a scrunchie wouldn’t be out of place either – not sure if that’s sold it or made you just want to take cover for a few months?

Curl Comeback

Tousled Waves

We’ve already given the lowdown on the ‘Surf’s Up’ hair trend, and here is an interpretation of the same undone trend. Think uber long hair, towel dried and then teased and twisted into natural curls with a texturizing paste. Unlike the ‘Surf’s Up’ trend which requires a bleached blonde base, the tousled look is one for the brunettes too. The vibe is all about being a bit undone, think pool sides and beach parties – boo hiss, be gone winter, we are all over this already.

curl comeback

Off Duty

It’s not just the runway that commands attention, muses of the moment are papped just as much off the runway as on!  And on the street, curls were fighting for attention. Model Alanna Arrington was photographed dressed down (in a ‘Never Trust A Crusty’ Tee) and beautiful curls that just hover above her shoulders. The message was simple, if you are blessed with natural waves – don’t fear the Weatherman, just let your locks do their thing.

Curl Comeback

Curls For Boys

Tom Ford always succeeds in being totally on-point, whilst still giving a classic nod to previous eras. During Fashion Week, it was evident the Fashion House was having a bit of a 70s moment with a homage to the one and only afro fro. We’re talking about male models with a mop on top, like the model Yassine Rahal whose curly locks has constantly earned him the appreciation of men and woman alike. We can see why #swoon.

Curl Comeback


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