The Dean Team

The Dean Team

Somewhere, in a pocket-rich-suburbia, where the bank balances are as high as the hair-crime rate, lie a small team of SuperHairoes, on a mission to change the world; one head at a time.

The Dean Team™ is headed by their fearless leaders; The Deans. The team live amongst the people, working every day with a clear mission statement in mind;

The dynamic Dean duo spent years handpicking their team; the bravest and brightest were chosen to protect their fellow Suttonians from bad hair days and drunken attempts to cut your own bangs. They stand side by side, right on the frontlines, ensuring the safety of the most vulnerable.

And at the close of day, when the sun goes down and each member of The Dean Team, discards their super hairo cape; they head off into the night, together. After all, the team that plays together, stays together! And we’re more than just a team, we’re a family.

What sets the team-members apart from each other, is that they each have their own, unique power. But together, they are all dedicated to client satisfaction! Once you walk through the door, your happiness becomes priority number one, regardless of whether we’re seeing your face (and roots) for the first time or the hundredth-and-first.

2017/2018 has proved to have been an EPIC year for The Dean Team, who has been nominated for 14 industry awards and were featured as a case study for outstanding team work, at Creative Head’s Salon Smart (presented by Amanda Nottage). This was an enormous honour, especially since we have never won a Most Wanted Award.

The Deans have created a giving culture where they invest love, time and education into their team. This same spirit is in turn shown to the clients. To the Deans, it’s not just about creating great hairdressers, it’s about creating great people, too. But, hey, don’t listen to us…listen to our 450+ positive reviews!

Brace yourselves, it’s time to meet the team! Keep an eye on the elderly and the pregnant as they have been known to cause dizzy spells, with the pure force of their awesome!