The New 6S Experience

The New Experience @ Sixth Sense Hair Salon, Sutton Coldfield 

The New 6S Experience

With the complete salon refurbishment, we decided to invest into the whole Sixth Sense Salon experience by adding lots of extras that will make your experience totally unique and excited to visit us again in the near future, we have listed these below:

Front of House Manager – Donna

The New 6S ExperienceWe noted how all the best customer services experiences started right at the front door. So, with that in mind, we decided that, just like all the best hotels and restaurants, our service would also start front of house. And so, we started our search for someone with a passion for the industry, who could work to boost our exceptional customer service ambitions. Enter Donna who is a multi-award winning salon owner, qualified beautician and hairdresser with one main objective, to ensure that every client is totally blown away with their experience – right from the first phone call, to holding the door for all customers on the way out.  

The Menu

The New 6S Experience

“Life is better with options” which is why created ‘The Menu’ which was inspired to a recent visit to the Savoy Hotel in London by Dean & Dean.

The Orange leather bound menu includes 3 sections including Refreshments based on how you feel, Blow-Dry Menu and a luxury treatment menu with both in chair or in the NEW The Secret Treatment room. 

Sixth Sense Salon recently became fully licensed premise which means we are now legally able to serve a selection of alcoholic drinks, including different wines, Proseccos, craft beers and cocktail of the season, with this seasons being Peach Bellini’s.

We now offer over 15 types of Tea Pigs Tea, all suited to what mood you’re currently in, served in a two-cup teapot and a bone china teacup (because tea tastes better in a teacup). Don’t worry, we’ve also kept your caffeine favorite Cappuccino’s, Lattes & Americanos.


Take a look at some our lovely drink options:

The Secret Treatment Room

Sixth Sense Hair salon Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham,

One of our favourite parts of the New Sixth Sense Salon is ‘The Secret Treatment Room’; formally a stock cupboard, this room is now dedicated to ensure that every client really does receive a totally unique and relaxing experience at Sixth Sense Salon.

The room is completely away from the hustle and bustle of the main salon and offers a sanctuary  of relaxation in tranquil surroundings including ambient music, mood lighting and Japanese massage chairs to ensure your feel totally relaxed/pampered during your Sixth Sense Visit.

Want to receive the FULL 6S Experience, as your stylist when next in salon for a ‘Luxury Treatment’.

The Ultimate Customer Service Training

The New 6S Experience

Over the past 3 months, the whole Sixth Sense Salon team have been trained on how to deliver excellent customer service by the UK’s leading salon trainers; but they’ve also received training by emotional support specialists to help clients who are in distress and need someone to listen to them.

Due to the work we’ve been doing with cancer patients, the team have also received training by a cancer specialist from the local hospital so the team can understand the treatments offered and how they affect the body.
By supporting our staff, and equipping them with the necessary skills to support our clients, we’ve nourished an environment where everyone is open and honest, striving to offer a shoulder and an ear to each other. So much more than a hair salon, Sixth Sense has become a sanctuary.

The Sixth Sense Team are excited to see you again, why not book yourself an appointment with one of our awesome team and see why Sixth Sense Salon are so special…