The Sci-Fi Bob Has Landed

The Bobbed Hair Cut Gets a Makeover – Bobbed Hairstyles at Sixth Sense Hairdressers in Sutton Coldfield

Every season brings with it a new #haircrush, and this autumn/winter is no different. In fact, this season’s beauty promises to totally glossy, uniquely blunt and super easy to style. Not only that, but celebs are already bigging up this style as the one to take them through to 2018. Trust us people, the Sci-Fi Bob has well and truly landed.

Recent Hair Trends

Recent hair trends centred around uber bouncy hair as that often seen on a Victoria Secret’s model. And, when it wasn’t all about the volume it was about the length – with the Kardashian’s making a case for long sleek tresses. However, at Sixth Sense Hair Salon in Sutton Coldfield, we’re sensing a mammoth shift in mentality lead by the likes of Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez who are turning their back on bouffant for something much blunter. Good-bye to the ‘long hair, don’t care’ movement.

sci fi bob

The Sci-Fi Bob

The Sci-Fi Bob is an interpretation of a classic bob, with a high-shine but it’s often paired with short bangs to give it a helmet-like effect. This style is praised for being a total liberating statement, similar to that made in the 1920s when women chopped their locks for the ultimate feminist statement.

sci fi bob

Hollywood’s Take on the Bob

In Hollywood, the girl with the soft flowing waves always lands the leading man. The girl with the frizzy tresses, well, she gets a make-over (and then the man) but the girl with the sharp bob? Well, she slays the zombies and fights the aliens in the year 2050. Fact is, we’ve seen this futurist bob before and it’s in the likes of Star Trek and Fifth Element – where woman have already achieved some type of gender equality. Jon Reyman (editorial hairstylist and co-owner of Spoke & Weal salons said about the Sci-Fi Bob “Women are having really strong, empowered conversations. I think it’s about self-expression. I think there’s a punk side to all of this, like a ‘fuck you, damn the man’ kind of thing, which I like.”

sci fit bob

However, don’t let the force behind this cut distract you – political or social statement aside, this style is perfect for standing out and looks impossibly chic.

How To Get The Look – Bobs at Sixth Sense Hair Salon, Sutton Coldfield

If you want to get the Sci-Fi Bob, ask your Sixth Sense Stylist for a bob cut that sits below the chin and jawline but still above the shoulders with a clean, blunt finish. If you want to add a fringe, ask for an A-line cut with invisible layers and a fringe that sits just above the eyebrows. The fringe should sit slightly longer at the sides so that it blends into the hair length. For the best finish, the angle of the bob should follow the angle of your jawline with the length subject to your face shape.

sci fi bob

Styling Your Bobbed Hairstyle, Sixth Sense Hairdressers, Sutton Coldfield

The Sci-Fi Bob is made to be worn one of two ways, either super sleek or natural. Do not attempt to unleash the tongs and risk looking like an ‘80s bridesmaid. 

If you like the look of the Sci-Fi Bob, pop into Sixth Sense Salon (your number one salon in Sutton Coldfield) for a chat and a cut!