The World’s Worst Hair Cuts?

We’ve all been there… You go to bed with seemingly normal hair only to wake up with hair sticking up all over the place.

If today is one of those bad hair days, take heart.  There are others out there sporting what we reckon might just be the world’s worst hair cuts.  You be the judge…

Truly Shocking Shaved Hair Cuts

If you’re going to have your head shaved and want to leave a little length at the back, why not have it cut into the shape of a lizard or rat…  Right?  Erm, no.  What were they thinking?  And as for the tiny ponytailed fringe.  No, no, no!

Mortifying Mullets

The mullet had its moment in the spotlight in the 1970s when Rod Stewart, David Bowie and Paul McCartney sported the look.  There’s a reason why this style hasn’t made a fashion comeback in 45 years – it simply is not flattering!   Sorry fellas, but make your mind up.  Is it short or is it long?

Home-Made Hair Horrors

Never, ever let your mum cut your  hair (unless she is a qualified hair stylist, of course!) because you just might end up with one of these disastrous hair cuts.  While we have a begrudging respect for the punk-inspired mohican with daisies, the team  here at Sixth Sense would really love to get their hands on that chunky layering and slicked down/spiked up ‘do’!

Frightful Fashion Hair Styles

While images 1 and 3 are clearly from a fashion runway so the models can, perhaps, be forgiven for their OTT styles, why oh why would someone want an advertisement for a chocolate biscuit emblazoned on their head?

If you are having a bad hair day, don’t leave it to chance.  Book your hair appointment with our talented team at Sixth Sense Hair & Beauty in Sutton Coldfield and we promise no mullets, no rat’s tails and no crimping!  Call us now on 0121 448 0760.