Vidal Sassoon Lives On In Our Hearts (And Walls)

Vidal Sassoon Lives On In Our Hearts (And Walls)
Left: Artist Mark Howard Right: Sixth Sense Director Dean Vinning

30-years-ago, Sixth Sense Salon Director Dean V (accompanied by his Nan) walked into his first ever salon. He was only four-years-old at the time but he remembers that the atmosphere was thick with a cocktail of cigarette smoke and perm solution, and that all the local ladies sat under hood-dryers gossiping about their husbands. His residing memory of this trip features a large black and white framed image, a portrait of a young male hairdresser putting the finishing touches to the iconic Bob hair-cut. Dean tugged on his Nan’s cardigan and asked who it was and his Nan said “Vidal Sassoon”. Something was triggered in his young mind because it was then and there that Dean decided he wanted to be a hairdresser with Vidal Sassoon, who was cemented forever as his role model within the industry.

Sadly, Vidal passed away on 9th May 2012. A blow which hit the whole industry hard and Dean in particular. However, having always looked up to Vidal, Dean was inspired to open his first salon in 2014 – proudly christening it Sixth Sense Salon.

Since the Sixth Sens Salon opened, both Directors Dean & Dean have been looking at ways that they could commemorate Vidal and bring him to life in a totally unique way. They commissioned local artist Mark Howard to produce a portrait of Vidal using one his most iconic images from the 1960s. The whole process took 6 months to complete and the final portrait will be unveiled in Sixth Sense Salon on what would be Vidal’s 90th Birthday. On Wednesday 17th January, you can get up close and personal with Vidal’s mesmerising soft features which are incorporated with Sixth Sense Salon’s corporate hues of green and orange.

Vidal Sassoon Lives On In Our Hearts (And Walls) Vidal Sassoon Lives On In Our Hearts (And Walls)

Furthermore, Mark Howard is also a fashion designer with a well-known portfolio in the Birmingham boutique Disorder. One of his signature concepts is the printing of designs on silk and cashmere, a skill which has taken 30 years to master. With this in mind, Dean commissioned Mark to create 10 beautifully hand-made scarves and 5 sets of matching cuff-links which feature the amazing Vidal painting which can be seen in the salon. Each of these will be sent to people within the hairdressing industry who have helped Sixth Sense Salon become who we are today.

Vidal Sassoon Lives On In Our Hearts (And Walls)

From the Wednesday 17th January, the Vidal Sassoon artwork will take pride of place in the heart of the salon – waiting to inspire a future generation of hairdressers. Who is that, Nan? It’s Vidal Sassoon, Son.