Wedding Hair Dos and Don’ts

Wedding Hair Dos and Don’ts From The Wedding Hair Experts At Sixth Sense Salon in Sutton Coldfield

He or she has finally put a ring on it and it’s time to begin the wedmin! Congrats from all of us at Sixth Sense who are gifted you with the complete low-down on how to get the perfect wedding hair. Our list below not just offers up all the dos on tackling flyaways and frizz, but also warns against all the pitfalls.

Do – Say yes to the dress

Wedding Hair Dos and Don’ts

Your dress might be a secret from your BFF of 10 years but it should not be a secret from your Sixth Sense wedding hairstylist. Fact is, your choice of dress says a lot about not just your style but the theme of the wedding and then we can style your hair so that it’s perfectly fitting.


Assume you are an island

Wedding Hair Dos and Don’ts 
We get it, you are super excited about your forthcoming nuptials and it feels like no one has ever been married before. However, before you turn into bridezilla remember that there are experts in each of their fields who have consulted many a bride before you. May that be wedding dress experts or occasional hair professionals Whatever, the situation – pull from all the information around you and don’t be afraid to ‘ask the experts’.

Do – Bring a friend


Wedding Hair Dos and Don’ts
It’s always good to put a third party between you and your stylists purely for the extra set of eyes. We really don’t mind the feedback and prefer we all work to get it how you want. On top of this, we totally encourage those selfies because sometimes what you see on camera can look a little different from what you see the mirror (and wedding photos last a lifetime!).

Don’t – Pick the wrong extensions

Wedding Hair Dos and Don’ts

You won’t be the first bride to crave massively long locks and you won’t be the last. However, in your quests for luscious long locks don’t turn to cheap synthetic hair extensions. These types of hair extensions lack all the bounce of your own hair and there is a very real risk of danger if your centrepieces include candlelight. As an alternative, Sixth Sense salon are proud to introduce you to Rapture hair extensions – the best alternative to your own hair. Guaranteed length and va va voom when you want it most!

Do- Pick a professional


Wedding Hair Dos and Don’ts 
We cannot stress the importance of going to salon that is reputable and experienced in hair extensions. At Sixth Sense Salon, we are masters in Rapture hair extensions – the best product to add length or volume to your natural hair without being detected. If you do not pick your stylist wisely, you might be left with hair extensions that are obvious, or ones that are suffering from conflicting hair textures or a poor colour match.

Don’t – Skip the try before you buy

Hair extensions should be trialled before your wedding day to better understand how they feel. They might feel heavier, or there might be some work needed in blending or fit. Don’t leave this to the last minute!

If you are a bride who is interested in adding length to your tresses in time for your big day, get in touch with Sixth Sense Salon (your number one wedding hairstylists in Sutton Coldfield) for a chat!