What If Perfect Hair Was Only A Tablet Away?

Anyone who follows us know about our eternal quest for products that promote healthy hair growth for our clients. In fact, we’ve explored a wide range of options and tried to combat a wide of hair-loss factors including genetics, alopecia and chemotherapy. It’s because of this that we are super excited to finally unveil a product which really does promise to produce results for those suffering from hair loss due to an inadequate diet – Mark Blake Trichnology Tablets. 

What If Perfect Hair Was Only A Tablet Away?

If we thought our quest for a hair repair cure was long, know that Mark Blake has spent 30 years devoted to the cause. The result; Mark Blake Trichology Tablets. An easy to take hair repair system that pushes boundaries because the application is oral, believing that hair conditioning starts from the inside. Logically, it makes sense – we know that our skin and nails can suffer from changing climates and stress, so why not our hair? After all, changes in nutrition, including dieting, can put the body under stress as it functions with a lack of key proteins and vitamins.

Mark Blake, an Internationally renowned Harley Street trichologist, has created a nutraceutical tablet to support and maintain hair health, an easy to take pill which provides your body with everything it needs to maintain a healthy head of hair.  Each tablet contains a scientific formulation of sulphur-rich amino acids and nutrients, that get right to work at the core – providing your hair with the optimal condition it needs to look wonderful. And the best part of it all? These magic pills are still only exclusively stocked by the industry’s best hair salons and we are super excited to be the only stockist in the Midlands for the next 6 months.


Each little tablet contains special ingredients which all come together to do wonderful things for your hair. We are talking about key nutrients which would be near to impossible to incorporate into your everyday diet, including Marine Collagen, Green Lipped Muscle Extract and Vitamin D (a vitamin that a lot of people are reported to be deficient in).


Sixth Sense were fortunate enough to meet with Mark Blake, who took us through the formula of these tablets and taught us how to support our clients on the journey to the hair they deserve, watch the video below to learn more:

If you love the sound of this miracle pill, don’t think you have to have a specific hair loss problem. On the contrary, Trichology Tablets are available to everyone who wants to boost the condition of their hair who fears their diet isn’t optimal. In fact, celebrities and bloggers are already boosting about the benefits of Mark Blake’s wonder pills which are said to add shine, boost growth, improve texture and generally just add some all-round va-va-voom!

If you are local to Sutton Coldfield, pop by to your number one Sixth Sense Salon and learn more about the steps to wonderful hair!