What Your Hair Colours Says About Your Personality

The way we portray ourselves to the world says a lot about us.  The fact is, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive and the colour we choose to dye our hair provides extremely revealing insights into our personalities. You might think your hair colour is only determined by your skin hues and eye colour, but actually, your personality and preferences always counters over what aesthetically serves to suit. Don’t worry, we’re not going all amateur shrink on you but we think we’re experienced enough to the lift the lid on what your choice of hair colour says about you.

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So, if you’ve always been wondering why you opt for natural over rainbow hair or raven black over bleach blonde – read on to learn how your personality comes into play more than you would think.

Au Natural

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There are so many stereotypes associated with natural hair colour – blondes are stupid, redheads are fiery. . .you know the drilll. While none of these are actually true, it takes someone with lots of confidence to embrace their natural hair colour. Comfortable in your own skin, you are happy with what nature gave you and why not? After all, if you are naturally blonde you have a very rare hair colour that only occurs in Northern Europe and America and is the product of one single gene. While, if you are a natural redhead – your colour is the product of a mutation of a gene in chromosome 16 and occurs in around 10% of people in the UK. And if you are a natural brunette, then you should also be proud – while not as rare as it’s contemporaries, it’s one of the coveted around the world.

 Enhanced Blonde

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Opting to be a bottle blonde (in whatever hue) is one of the most common hair transitions we see (we don’t get nearly as many requests to go darker!). This is probably because blonde only naturally occurs in 10% of the world’s population and many people who started blonde as children now rely on chemicals to sustain the same hue. By going blonde, you aren’t afraid to shine – make a statement that shows blondes really do have more fun.

 Reds and Oranges

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There is no denying the stand-out appeal of reds and oranges because they are colours that radiant energy and don’t occur naturally often. In fact, by opting for this hue – you may guarantee your place as the only redhead in the group – a unique position that suits your independent personality.

 The Dark Side

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Going brunette isn’t as common as you think because most clients opt to lighten. However, darker hues have been sought out by clients as a way to instantly up the glam factor. Take this even further, and raven tones are often coveted by customers who want to make a secretive statement – dramatic with often blunt cuts and fringes. Going darker is for those who want to make a statement without answering any questions.

Rainbow Colours

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Here we count any colours that aren’t associated with natural hair colours – blue, pink, silver, green. If you are attracted to these hair colours you are out-going, not scared of a little bit of added attention and know that life is for living!

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