You Can Do This! Reopening Advice…


You’re not alone. Last reopening, we had some nervous clients and we know that coming back to the salon can be a daunting task for many. So, here at Sixth Sense Salon Sutton Coldfield, we’ve put together some of our top tips for life returning to normal.

 Ease yourself into things.

Start introducing areas of normal life that make you feel comfortable. If you’ve been a bit more hermit-ish than others this lockdown (guilty!), this could be interacting more with your close family/friends through phone calls, walking more, or waking up a bit earlier. For our more extroverted types, go for walks with friends, get excited to share your highs and lows of lockdown, and try seeing how they’ve coped.

Just a teeny bit of progress is all you need, slow and steady guys.

Repeat after me: “I am not silly”.

It can be so easy to dismiss our concerns and write them off because we feel silly. Make this your mantra for when you’re out in the real world. It’s not silly to feel nervous, it’s not silly to be cautious. Remember this when you’re in the salon too; ask us questions, be honest (you aren’t the only one who regretfully reached for the box dye!), and just talk to us freely! We’re all human too and had our own lockdown struggles, and we 100% get it.

Put YOU first.

When we say this we mean two things; mind AND body guys. Don’t forget to keep hydrated and eat plenty, it sounds so simple but you need this extra energy more than ever now! When it comes to your mind, try to take things as slow as possible, constantly assess your boundaries, and try not to sign up to too much. You’re well within your rights to say  “I’d love to go for a walk, but I’m struggling and I don’t feel I can make plans just yet , can I get in touch when I’m ready?”.

Routine your home time!

Resist temptation to fill your calendar with endless outside demands, and schedule things to do at home. If you’re particularly struggling with the lockdown ease, give yourself a goal  you’re comfortable with, say 5 hours a week out of the house, and see if you can gradually increase this until you’re back to your usual self.

Seek extra help.

Think about the main reason you’re struggling ith the transition, and whether there are any resources you can use. Be that counselling, friends, or websites, here’s some of our favourites:

CLICK HERE: Mental Health Foundation’s advice

CLICK HERE: British Heart Foundations advice 


At Sixth Sense Salon Sutton Coldfield we have strict safety measures in place, hand sanitisers at every station, a mask policy, longer working days (9am-9pm) to minimise clients in the salon at one time, and call our clients before their appointment to check they’ve not had any symptoms. If you have any questions, please get in touch, through our social media, or

For more information on COVID-19 rules for visiting the salon, and what we’re doing to keep you safe, visit our blog from last lockdown here.