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Hair With That X Factor

While most of you are glued to X Factor each week to appraise the singing potential, we, at Sixth Sense, only ever have one thing on our minds – THE HAIR, it’s always about the hair! This year, the contestants are certainly on-point for style (present company excluded, Honey G) and here is our recap of the styles most likely to be replicated in salons all around the country.

Gifty Louise

X Factor Hair

While Gifty’s music career came to an abrupt end this weekend, her hair legacy will live on forever. This girl is proud of her natural fro, keeps it short on top and opts for a bleach blonde (christening herself ‘The Blond Girl’ on Instagram). The short length means that Gifty has a lot of fun donning wigs and sending Twitter into meltdown with speculation that her hair had grown a whopping 8 inches in a week (true story, this actually happened after Gifty donned a blonde wig during the live shows). Such a short do demands high attention to make-up and accessories – which Gifty nails (natch) with her statement oversized hoops.  One thing’s for sure, we’ll miss this girl’s golden halo!

Sam Lavery

X Factor Hair

Sam Lavery is like a totally different person from the girl who first did her audition. During her stay at the judge’s house, she was ordered to undertake a ‘make-under’, where she stripped back her make-up layers and over-styled hair to reveal something more much more fierce. For Sam, her signature is most certainly her locks and she works to add as much volume as possible, unashamedly back-combing and spritzing. The look is the nemesis of the power blow-dry, it’s messy, it’s frizzy, it’s wild. In debunking the idea that pop-stars have to be perfectly groomed, Sam is slaying it.

Matt Terry

X Factor

Still the favourite to win X Factor, the Louis Tomlinson look alike has had to work hard to pull away from any One Direction comparisons – both musically and aesthetically. Matt Terry did his best to not bench march his doppelganger with a hairstyle that was shorter on the sides and high in height, a modern day quiff if you will. This was good, Louis was still stuck with shaggy hair paying a belated tribute to Liam Gallagher – that was until Monday night when Louis stepped out to the Pride of Britain with the exact same hair-style as Matt!! We say, take it as a compliment.

Ryan Lawrie

X Factor Hair

Ryan Lawrie is the boy every one of us just wants to mother, cheeky and loyal to his girlfriend (contestant Emily Middlemas), Ryan is also flying the flag for boys with curls. Once upon a time, guys with kinks used to crop them into oblivion but, thankfully, times are a changing and we’re getting savvier in how we chop boy’s mops. Ryan’s hair  is short on the side and the curls are teased over to the left and held with lots of product. Ryan Lawrie, proving real men wear curls.

Only time will tell who will scoop the coveted X Factor winner 2016 award but, when it comes to best hair, these guys are all worthy.