Nioxin Thin Hair Treatments

Nioxin Thin Hair Treatments

Nioxin: Giving back the confidence that is taken by hair loss

Thinning hair and hair loss can affect anyone; young, old, male, female – it has a ‘take no prisoners’ approach as it unveils itself through illness, stress, hormones, age or genetics. Up until now, there was a general consensus that hair loss and hair thinning were “just one of those things” – something to be put up with and, dare we say, accepted. Thankfully, those times are changing and spearheading the movement is Sixth Sense in conjunction with Nioxin.

What is Nioxin?

Nioxin is a revolutionary hair treatment that is like no other, it works right from the scalp promoting hair growth right where it counts. Created through cutting-edge technology that caters to all circumstances, Nioxin is for anyone suffering from hair loss, hair thinning or poor scalp health.

Nioxin was developed by Eva Graham, who suffered hair thinning after the birth of her first child and vowed to not just accept it – but defeat it. Today, there are a range of Nioxin treatments on offer which work to renew, repair, revive and even boost the diameter and density of the hair.

Nioxin contains no sulphates or parabens which are found in most common hair products. Designed to protect your hair whilst boosting growth through effective scalp health, the elimination of unnecessary chemicals can truly give your hair the push it needs to grow fuller and stronger.

Nioxin Thin Hair Treatments

 A New You

Whatever the reason for your hair loss, Nioxin has a solution for you – some of the benefits of the treatment can even be seen instantly. Hair will look fuller, rich in vitality and strength – which will serve to boost confidence and restore self-esteem.

Each treatment is comparable to a facial, with an individual consultation and a strategic treatment programme designed to cater to your needs. Your treatment will include therapeutic massage, cleansing, application of products and more. Your hair care professional will also educate you on top up products that can be used at home between appointments.

Giving Back Confidence

Many sufferers of hair loss report that they didn’t just lose their hair, but their confidence. This is particularly echoed by those who battle cancer, who lose their hair through chemotherapy treatments. As if battling an illness wasn’t life-changing enough, many men and women report that the physical changes in their appearance are soul destroying. This is why Sixth Sense have been working with those who kicked cancer’s ass to celebrate their achievements and foster their confidence by getting their locks back to optimum condition with a customised series of Nioxin treatments.

Julie’s Story

“Working with the guys at Sixth Sense Salon and Nioxin has really built my confidence; it’s not only the products that produce amazing results, the team genuinely care, listen and understand. They also encouraged me to feel better about myself, lose my wig and totally rock a shaved head, which wasn’t for very long due to Nioxin”

NIOXIN Thining Hair Sixth Sense Salon, Sutton Coldifield Birmingham

Julie has been working with Sixth Sense Salon for 12-months. We first started with a combination of monthly intense dermabrasion treatments and have gradually worked up the Nioxin systems, progressing to number 3 for coloured-hair as her hair has beautifully grown in.

Janet’s Story

“WOW, what a team at Sixth Sense Salon and a product that actually works, my hair has never felt so strong and I have enjoyed every step of the working with the Sixth Sense Team watching it grow back.”

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We began working with Janet when she completed her chemotherapy treatment, around 8 months ago. At this point her hair had already started growing in again naturally but was lacking thickness, so, with Nioxin, we managed to improve the thickness and density of Janet’s hair. We also employed specialised cutting techniques to make the hair look thicker / fuller and helped give Janet back her confidence.

Vicky’s Story

“Thank you Sixth Sense Salon and Nioxin for making me feel human again; by getting my hair back I feel like I’ve got my life back; you guys have made me feel like a woman again. I love you guys”.

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Vicky was introduced to our team through one of the Sixth Sense pamper nights, which we held in conjunction with Breast Friends. Vicky opened up to us about her long and emotional journey and how she felt she has lost herself. We vowed then and there to get Vicky’s confidence back and began a series of dermabrasion treatments which saw us shave Vicky’s hair a few times to ensure it all grew back evenly and thickly.

Nioxin Treatment available at Sixth Sense Salon, Sutton Coldfield

To find out more about the great Nioxin treatments available at Sixth Sense Salon, contact us on 0121 448 0760 or book online. To find out more about the great Nioxin treatments available at Sixth Sense Salon, contact us on 0121 448 0760 or book online.

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