Dean R

“It’s not just about the hair – it’s about the experience, it’s about ensuring every attention to detail is met and exceeded. We want customers to feel part of the family, enjoy every single minute in the salon and to be excited about their next appointment.”

Dean Robertson is BOSS MAN #2, he hides away in his little office crunching numbers, writing contracts and creating stories through Sixth Sense Salon’s multiple social media networks.

On the rare occasion, we let him out of his office to roam free within the confines of the salon where he interacts with clients and contributes to making the Sixth Sense Experience a truly memorable on.

He is PASSIONATE about his job and is on a mission to make Sixth Sense Salon one of the best in the UK; to be fair, he hasn’t done too bad after being shortlisted for 43 business awards and winning 13 of them including:

Salon of the year // Small Business Award // Best Local Salon // Best Customer Service // Best Salon Design

His business idol is none other than Virgin’s Richard Branson. Dean commented ,“Dickie (Richard) is such an inspirational leader, he puts his team first and always leads from the front”.

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Outside work Dean is a sporting freak of nature, from playing rugby around the world with The Birmingham Bulls, Lacing up gloves to compete in white collar boxing matches to donning lycra and cycling 100’s miles around the UK. He’s always doing something, it’s tiring just looking at his Instagram page…

Need to get in contact with dean? You can do so by emailing on or call him on 0121 448 0760

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