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19th July Post-Lockdown Notice

Hello you lovely people! 🌼🌼🌼

As you’re all aware by now, on the 19th July the Government will mark the final stage of easing lockdown restrictions, but what does that mean for your visit to the salon? 🤔

Whilst we acknowledge that masks are no longer a legal requirement, the Government has asked us all to make an informed judgement on how to keep ourselves and others safe. Recently, Boris Johnson has stated that coronavirus “continues to carry risks for you and your family”, stating “we cannot simply revert instantly from Monday July 19 to life as it was before Covid,” and that to avoid regressing back to another lockdown we must have “a cautious approach”.

With this in mind we need to think long-term and be cautious, and encourage all our clients to continue to wear their masks when visiting the salon. We also request our team to do the same. We understand it’s not always comfortable (especially on hotter days), but we also have to consider the safety and comfort of all our clients, especially those in high risk groups! 💞

Hand sanitiser, cleaning of stations, and dividers will remain as reassurance and comfort to you all. 

Thank you for all your support and understanding, we hope you’re all having an AMAZING summer and hopefully we can wave goodbye to this pandemic once and for all; your cooperation only gets us closer to the end! 🏁🏁🏁



As the majority of you have experienced, we have been asking coronavirus questions prior to appointments:

  • In the past 7 days, have you experienced a new continuous cough?
  • In the past 7 days, have you experienced any change in/loss of your sense of taste or smell?
  • In the past 7 days, have you experienced a high temperature or fever?
  • Have you been in contact with anybody who has had these symptoms or who has tested positive for Covid-19?
  • For colour clients, have you tested positive to Covid-19 since your last appointment with us?

From 19th July, we put the responsibility on yourselves to please call us if your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions (on 0121 448 0760). 

**DID YOU KNOW – that we are open Sundays when we have the least amount of staff working, so if you are worried about attending busy places, then we recommend that book on a Sunday 🙂 

Salon open Sunday sutton coldfield

Our Colour TREND Forecast: For Men Made to STAND OUT


Men are dying their hair left right and CENTRE at the moment and we are LOVING it. After the early 2000’s, we completely understand why a lot of men shudder at the thought of doing anything too ‘wild’ with their hair; but times have changed since the days of Justin Timberlakes noodle curls and frosted tips. Have a look for yourself (number 4 is our fave).


Bring on summer with this tropical colour; famous from Frank Ocean’s 2016 Blonde album, we think brighter looks will start popping up in 2021 as our everyday fashion choices get more creative this year.



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Shown here on Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero, silver is a stand-out colour choice for men who want to be on-trend without bright colours. Silver can be worn so many ways too, you can even darken your roots and add a black root smudge; for a more charcoal look with dimension.


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3. Platinum BABY!

The Silver manes cousin, for the fairer skin tones. If you’re feeling like your style needs a shake-up why not go platinum? This is giving us SUMMER. VIBES.

Even ol’ Paddy McGuiness has jumped on this one! But we’re thinking more  Channing Tatum as our style icon (sorry Paddy). We couldn’t use Channing’s photo due to copyright, so enjoy a photo of this lovely chap.



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Greyish hues of blue and lavender are great ways to express your style but still keeping a level of tame. Zayn Malik is a huge advocate for fun hair, and we really think he hit the nail on the head with this one. These icey, metallic colours fade out better than their vibrant counterparts, and are more on the subtle side; but still definitely a statement.


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5. COMING IN HOT (but make it short)

We apologise for using Frank Ocean as our model again (but not really), he just KNOWS how to pull off coloured hair. The bright greens, blues and hot pinks just WORK on short hair! Not only is the short hair pairing summer friendly, but you can experiment with a fresh head of colour every trim!


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For longer hair we’d definitely recommend a pastel colour! The beauty of pastel is that it can be created in a way that fades out for less maintenance.


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Still unsure?

With Wella’s Color Fresh masks or Perfecton products you can top up your salon colour or experiment at home; perfect if you want a boost of colour for a night out!

Get in touch with the salon and we can recommend the best colour mask for a temporary change before you take the plunge!



Now you’ve seen all these lovely celebrity Instagrams; take a look at ours below!