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BYE BYE BASIC… What’s Your Next Colour?

With all these sporadic announcements and constant uncertainty it can be hard for us to prepare for returning to normal life. However, with Sixth Sense Salon’s unwavering optimism we don’t see the harm in planning your next glam sesh!

In case you missed our post earlier this month, we’re obsessed with the Pantone colours of the year this month, Ultimate Grey and Illuminating. The Pantone colours of the year have a huge impact on the fashion in many industries, so we’re keeping our eye out for trending silvers and pops of colour, here’s our best advice whilst you have *plenty* of time to assess whether you should take a walk on the wild side… and if you already have CONGRATS, we have some maintenance advice for you too. 🥳



What’s your #1 advice for those thinking of taking the icey plunge? 

“Achieving silver hair will be a journey and can be a long one depending where your hair is at the moment, I would say be patient, trust your stylist and invest in the hairs integrity. Silver hair is a huge commitment in regards  to up keep, but with the right products regime and advice will give you the right tools to look after and love your new silver hair.”

What products would you recommend for silver hair?

“I would definitely advise silver shampoo to help keep colour tone and also wellaplex no3 as a bond builder to help keep the hairs strength but with that also comes adding moisture to the hair, especially when lightened, you can add moisture using leave in products such as System Professional’s luxe oil or weekly treatments with the Nioxin density mask.”

Any styling advice?

“Try and keep heat to a minimum, too much heat on the hair can cause the colour to fade quicker but applying a heat protector when using hot tools such as Cloud 9 magic potion would be a great defence.”

What’s the biggest mistake people make when it comes to going silver?

“The biggest mistake I have seen with silver hair is being sure the colour your aiming for will suit, this covers everything from skin tone to eye colour, we all love silver hair but it doesn’t love us all back 🤣😜”


Here’s some more of our stylists Silver creations!




Q: What would you advise to anyone considering shaking things up a bit?

“I’d have to say don’t be scared by colour! Coloured hair can be as vibrant or as muted down as you want, so if you’re a bit hesitant you can always start with a more toned down colour.”

Q: Do you have any styling tips?

“Aftercare for coloured hair is very similar to silver hair maintenance as Conna mentioned, use cooler water for washing hair and use less heat and heat protection when styling.”

Q: How do I maintain coloured hair?

“When colouring hair I always consider that at least some colour fade will eventually occur, some of my clients like the faded out looks (like how a bright pink can fade to a soft baby pink) however you can maintain any desired vibrancy with toner sessions in between colouring, using a colour save shampoo and conditioner, or even treating yourself to a wella colour fresh mask*”

*For more information about Wella’s AMAZING colour fresh masks mentioned (we really can’t stop shouting about these) click here.

Here’s some more of our vibrant works of art…


So whether you’re already bold and beautiful or fancy giving something different  a go, hopefully these tips help! You can find more frequently asked questions (and ask your own queries) on our Lockdown Locks – Hair Queries Untangled page on Facebook, by clicking here.

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Succulent Hair Trend

succulent hair

Succulents are the ultimate easy to own plant – requiring little water and not much attention, as they continue to thrive and grow in their little corner of neglect. Often over-looked for more garnish flowers, desert succulents have been sitting there quietly bidding their time until world  domination (or Instagram take-over, same thing)  – and their time is now, penetrating the world of fashion, beauty, and hair. Of course, we’re only interested in the succulent hair trend and, if you follow Instagram, you’ll see that that it’s also most fashionistas’ preoccupation too. #succulenthair is a thing – are you ready?

OK, the first thing to know is – just because the muse is a succulent, don’t assume the upkeep is as easy. We won’t lie, the upkeep of the succulent hair colour is seriously laborious (much more epic than keeping a plant alive for a week) but if the beauty gods want to set us a challenge, then we are game.

What is the succulent hair trend?

To break it down, it’s hair trend totally based on the Sandi-type succulents you can buy in Ikea. The little rubber, waxy type plants that come in green, teals, red, pinks, oranges, purples are the latest muse for hair colourists but, before you judge, take a look at the results as they are simply outstanding.

If you look really hard, you can kind of see how a succulent could provide inspiration – not many plants have green roots and magenta ends, or swirls of deep purples and reds. Given the amount of upticks in pastels at the moment, think of the Rose Gold trend and even the upsurge in Unicorn Hair (true story).  This trend isn’t totally surprising but the ombré colour cuts a bolder statement than most.

succulent hair succulent hair succulent hair

Getting the look

The most common succulent take is to go green on the roots and length, transitioning to pink on the ends. We’d like to say it’s simple to get the look, but very often nature provides us with colour palettes that can’t be recreated – so it’s best to have a good chat with your colourist about the colours that can be captured. The first step is to bleach the hair (unless you are exceptionally light) so that the vibrant colours have something to grip to. Of course, in order to undertake a total bleach stripping process, it’s ideal that your hair is in optimum condition – the plan, after all, is to go succulent and not cactus.

As we said above, the upkeep is pretty epic.  It’s recommended to only wash your hair twice a week with ice-cold water as heat will dilute the colouring, sadly the whole water once a month upkeep that works with real succulents doen’t cut it here.


If you want the look, DO check out Instagram for inspiration, DON’T bring a potted plant along to your salon.