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5 Netflix Hairstyles we NEED to Recreate

We’re firm believers in the power of hair. Our hair allows us to start new chapters, be creative, and express ourselves. At Sixth Sense Salon we find inspiration EVERYWHERE. 

These days we’re all spending more time streaming Netflix than anything else. So why not take inspiration from these familiar faces? Below we’ve rounded up our top 5 hair inspos from Netflix at the moment…

Queens Gambit (Beth Harmon)


Even global supermodel Gigi Hadid has ditched her signature blonde locks for a fiery recharge thanks to Queen’s Gambit’s chess champion (and strong willed red head) Beth Harmon, played by Anya Taylor-Joy. 

Vogue wrote an entire article about the planning and detail in the shows wardrobe choices, and the attention to Beth’s hair is no different. This final look is towards the end of the show, we don’t want to give away any spoilers, but in a strong scene for this character; this hairstyle shows elegance, yet strength. 

The soft copper shade and shoulder length is also great for welcoming the spring. 

Bridgerton (Marina Thompson)

If you haven’t seen Bridgerton yet, do you even HAVE Netflix? 

Marina Thompson’s voluminous up-do in this scene is more modern than a lot of the styles on the show and looks more like a 90s high ponytail. Whether you’re blessed with these curls or not, voluminous ponytails are something we’re keeping our eye on this spring.

Schitt’s Creek (Moira Rose)

Although the character had some questionable wigs in the hit series “Schitt’s  Creek”, Catherine O’Hara was incredible in this show; and at 67 Moira Rose is proof that amazing hair can be pulled of at ANY age. 

Good Girls – Annie Marks

Annie Marks’ hair has a few changes throughout the series Good Girls (yes, we’ve binged). From long blonde curls in the beginning, to a platinum bob later on in the series. We love that Annie has hair the everyday woman can achieve, and this drastic change showed us major character development; she looked AMAZING. 

Michelle Visage – Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Who says money pieces are only for teens? Michelle visage pulls off this silver streak and we’re obsessed. If you’ve seen Ru Paul’s Drag Race, chances are you’ve been as glued to Michelle’s hair this season as we have!

Our Advice

So, after seeing which hairstyles we are living for, we encourage you to watch your TV shows in hunt of inspiration; and let us know which on-screen icons you’ve been inspired by lately!

Hairspiration From London Fashion Week

It’s the week of London Fashion Week, when the fashion world comes together to paint a picture of what we are all going to be wearing in two season’s time. However, London Fashion Week (hereon known as LFW) isn’t just about the clothes, it’s also hugely focused on the make-up and the hair.  Guess which one of those two piques our interests?!  LFW might not even have closed, but here is our round-up of the hair-trends we think will be big for Autumn/Winter 2017.

Braided by day, free by night

London fashion week
credit: @Supriyalele

The girls on the Supriya Lele catwalk donned textured waves which looked like they were the aftermath of a day spent in braids. The look was finished with Bumble and Bumble primer, a dewy mist in a bottle which helps finish the easy beachy hair look. Think tousled and free hair that has had fun all day; teased into undone (almost greasy) waves. The only curiosity was the fact that this summer look was on an AW catwalk. Intrigued? We certainly are!

Manga movement

London Fashion Week
credit: @wwd_jp

Ryan Lo channelled Japanese ‘Hello Kitty’ inspired kitsch, with a ‘heart of Harajuku’ collection. Think uber short micro fringes, seemingly clipped on, with whiplashing bunches. The whole vibe was very Manga inspired, with massive bangs set to form thee fringe of 2017.

Sleek and chic

London Fashion Week
credit @thakoonny

This one was doing the rounds on the runway during Spring/Summer, but it’s continuing to gather momentum during AW. Thakoon was spearheading the look with sleeked back side-quiffs, that are so loaded with gel that they look positively dripping.

Curly haired girls rule the world

London Fashion Week
credit @paolaturani

We were ahead of the game when we proclaimed that curls were on the way up! After all, if LFW street style was to be surmised by just one style – curls would be it. Big, beautiful, bountiful and totally natural – curls are set to rule in 2017.

Yesteryear elegance

London Fashion Week

There is always a place for a spot of elegance, and what better way than in chic updo – as those shown on the Marchessa catwalk. The twist on these ‘dos is that they are super simple to create (think loose ponytails and buns) topped with exaggerated oversized velvet bows.

 Finish with a fish-tail

London Fashion Week
credit @hadeelhusain)

Christian Siriano’s collection was pure Ziggy Stardust, an electrifying clash of gold, silver, and bronze with a little bit of a Vamp feel. The only thing that reigned the whole look in from the realms of electric circus was the side fishtails which seemed a little bit more ‘Little House on the Prairie’ than Star Man. We aren’t dissing it, in fact we loved how the whole look served to show that a braid is never out of place.

Sculpt it

London Fashion Week

Hair totally stole the show at the Ben Gabbe unveil, in fact – you’d be hard pushed to remember the elegant clothes collection but you will defo recall the sleek knots and curls carefully crafted from chic ponytails. Especially when you see them crop up in time for Autumn this year. 

Seven trends we expect to be big by the time summer starts to fade. Remember, you read it here first! 

If you are local, and this trend is for you, pop by to Sixth Sense Salon (your number one hair salon sutton coldfield) to learn more about how to get this look.

Love the Sixth Sense Team xoxo





Killer Hair Contouring

hair contouring sixth sense salon sutton coldfield, Birmingham

You might have some skills with cosmetic contouring, but did you know that the same principles can be also applied to your hair?   In fact, using the same rules as traditional contouring (dark colours make an area look smaller, light shades open up and widen space) your hair can serve to flatter you more than ever before says Conna-Rae from Sixth Sense Hair Salon Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.

We already talked here about how contouring is going to be big for 2017, but you can never have too much of a good thing – so we’ve  decided to elaborate and let you know what to expect when you jump in the chair. Remember, this doesn’t mean that your current hair colour isn’t already amazing, only that there is a way to keep doing what we are do, with a little cherry on top!

Who is it for? 

hair contouring sixth sense salon sutton coldfield, Birmingham
credit @mrs.h17

Hair contouring might be trending on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean it’s just for the kids. On the contrary, this trend serves to flatter all hair types by creating a hair strobbing effect that works to flatter your best features – no thanks needed!

First up, know your face shape (don’t worry – we’ll help!) 

Forget about donning a colour simply because you like it, contoured hair is all about what serves to flatter – and that flattering process begins by first taking stock of what you have. The first stage in this totally bespoke service is defining your own face shape and setting goals for your contour. To make sure your contoured hair serves to emphases your visage to perfection, here is a breakdown of what to aspire to per face shape.

Heart face

hair contouring sixth sense salon sutton coldfield, Birmingham
credit @reesewitherspoon

If you have a heart-shaped face, you are in the company of Reese Witherspoon (which can never be a bad thing!). 

Mission: To soften the face and make it appear more oval

Process: Lighter sections around ears and jawline, with fine highlights and depth right at the root.

Oval face

hair contouring sixth sense salon sutton coldfield, Birmingham
credit @jessicaalba

If you are blessed with an oval face, then you are lucky enough to count Jessica Alba in your girl squad. 

If you have an oval face, you are completely blessed because all contouring suits you. Have a chat with us to see exactly what direction you can take.

Round face

hair contouring sixth sense salon sutton coldfield, Birmingham
credit @drewbarrymore

Who wouldn’t want to share their round face shape with the amazing Drew Barrymore? 

Mission: to create more of a point at the bottom of the face

Process: Lighter tones should be scattered around the hairline, with darker tones under the ears and the ends of the hair that fall around the face.

Long face

hair contouring sixth sense salon sutton coldfield, Birmingham
credit @sarahjessicaparker

You won’t have a long face when you realise your visage has a lot in common with SJP! 

Mission: To shorten the face length, whilst slimming it

Process: Opt for deeper tones towards the root, which draw the eye upwards.

Square face

hair contouring sixth sense salon sutton coldfield, Birmingham
credit @sandrabullock_official

Sandra Bullock is the poster girl for square faces, if you share her face shape you are certainly in great company! 

Mission: To soften angular features

Process: Multi-tonal layers of highlights and lowlights can be applied to all corners of the face to break up angles and hard features.  

Hair painting

hair contouring sixth sense salon sutton coldfield, Birmingham
credit @alisikys24

If you are au-fait with hair colouring, you might be familiar with hair foils or caps – so, prepare to come out of your comfort zone! Unlike other colouring techniques, contouring relies on freehand painting to create seamless transitions and joins in colours. The result is super subtle, which also makes regrowth close to invisible. You’re welcome! 

Love the 6S Team xoxo


5 New ‘Do’s for the New Year

2017 is right around the corner and can we just be honest and say that some of us are not all that brokenhearted to say see you later to 2016? We are excited for new beginnings and you better believe that means new looks and new hairstyles. So let’s take a gander at some of the hair trends for the new year and see what strikes your fancy.

Eye of the Tiger

 One of the big new colour trends right now is “Tiger Eye”, which sounds like it might involve orange and black stripes, but thankfully doesn’t. Rather #tigereyehair colour takes its name and hue inspiration from the gemstone (called Tiger’s Eye, natch) and incorporates coppery or caramel highlights with a warm chocolate base. If you’re in the market for a new colour palate for your hair that doesn’t involve purple or blue or grey, give this one a try.

2017 hair salon sutton coldfield birmingham


Put Some Bling On It

Hair accessories aren’t the bobby pins and banana clips of your youth anymore. Glamourous headpieces, elaborately jeweled barrettes, beautiful ribbons—these are the latest and greatest ways to add a little something extra special to your hair. A style as simple (and on trend) as a low ponytail or ballerina bun can up amped up to eleven with the addition of a velvet ribbon or gold chain.  

2017 hairdressers sutton coldfield birmingham


Let’s Shag

The shag is back, baby and is a great look for both guys and girls. A messy, mid-length, 80’s inspired yet updated shag cut was all over the runways this fall as a versatile look for both men and women. And if you’ve got a natural wave to your hair all the better—embrace it and run with it. If you’ve got fringe, leave it long and wavy and work it into your shag cut too. You can tuck your shag cut behind your ears or leave it wild and untamed; just channel your inner Alexa Chung, it all works.

2017 shag Hair salon sutton coldfield birmingham


Embrace Your Curls

One of the biggest trends of the past few years that doesn’t show signs of stopping is embracing your natural curls. Whether you’re rocking an afro or puffballs or forgoing blowouts for beachy waves, work with what you’ve got and go natural. Big hair is unapologetically back and curly haired men and women everywhere are beyond delighted.  

2017 curly hair sutton coldfield birmingham


Not Over the Undercut

The undercut was a big trend in 2016 for both men and women and it isn’t going anywhere just yet. This cut isn’t for everyone, but it is a great way to up your style game and even be a little subversive in your look. Women—you can shave one side, “tattoo” in a shaved hair design, incorporate your undercut into a bob or hide it under long hair, just showing it off when you want to. And it’s a really versatile and more arguably more mainstream look for men who want something new and fresh and edgy but who can’t quite pull-off a mohawk at the office. So, what do you say—why not come in for an over-the-top undercut to ring in 2017?

Undercut barber mens hair sutton coldfield birmingham

Article written by the fabulous team @Sixth Sixth Sense Salon, want to read more, click here to go to the BLOG page.

5 Party Hairstyles

5 Party Hairstyles


It’s December and you know what that means—more holiday parties than you can shake a sprig of mistletoe at. No matter if you’re celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or all of the above, you are guaranteed to have a holiday party or twenty-five to go to over the next few weeks and we are here to help you look your best for each and every one of them.  Maybe it’s a fancy dress office party or a neighbour’s ugly holiday jumper party (why are we’re still doing those again?). Whatever the occasion and outfit, we’ve got your holiday hair options covered—from sleek and sophisticated to smartly messy and magical.

Sleek and slick

First up—one for both the guys and the gals—the slicked-back look. Men; this is a great way to transform your everyday hair into something special. You can do either the all slicked back or one with a sharp part—both look great when done properly. Use a proper comb and make sure it’s nice and neat and you will be the talk of the shindig. Women; you can also rock the slicked-back look and you don’t have to be married to Kanye to pull it off. Try the gelled look with a deep side part, or with a 1920’s inspired finger wave; the wet-look is an intriguing way to totally change your locks without doing anything permanent.

men's hair sutton coldfield birmingham


Plaits, glorious plaits

 Yes, the braided look is here to stay and there are so many ways to make it fresh and fun and fancy. Try adding some velvet bows to your plaited pigtails, go for an intricate braided crown, a side plait, or try the medieval-inspired look and braid away with abandon.

braided hair sutton coldfield birmingham


Sweet buns

Buns aren’t just for eating this holiday season—the ballerina bun is everywhere, and you don’t need to have Kate Middleton’s glorious tresses to make it look perfect. Try a double knot at the base of your neck or a pulled back bun on the top of your head. Make it messy and romantic or add some jeweled pins or something glittery and really get your fancy on.

party hair sixth sense salon sutton coldfield birmingham


Blown out or blown up

Getting a classic blowout for your holiday party is always a fantastic look and topping your tresses with a headpiece could be the real pièce de resistance. Or, go the opposite and go big—volume, curls, rocking your afro—the bigger the better is definitely in this season. If you’ve got natural curls push them to their limits, if you don’t, break out the curling iron or the crimper and just have fun with it. 

party hair sutton coldfield bimingham


Parting is such sweet sorrow

To create a dramatic look for your holiday party, why not try a completely different parting than you normally wear? Whether it’s a deep side part (a look that was all over the runways this fall) or a slick center part, do something really striking to change up your appearance for your soirée’s this season.

party hairdressers, sutton coldfield birmingham

Article written by the fabulous team @Sixth Sixth Sense Salon, want to read more, click here to go to the BLOG page.

Hair Today. . .

OK, it’s winter and it’s cold – which might explain celebs’ recent penchant for Rapunzeleque hair! After all, who needs a scarf when your hair can be wrapped multiple times around your neck? Uber long, silky locks have been seen on Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Jourdan Dunn but in the real world, hair that grazes the hip is rare. Read on to see why the waist-length hair might just be reserved to A-listers.

long hair

Epic Extensions

Rhianna’s luscious looks are sleek, chic and coveted by everyone. However, what we are most certainly admiring is extensions, because hair that reaches the waist would take a life-time to grow and when it got there, would most certainly not be in optimum condition. Not that we are knocking extensions, we heart them but, if you wanted to obtain this look, it’s going to come at a cost – and that is inevitably financial. The fact is, lengthy extensions are pricey. However, if you do decide to take the plunge know that it doesn’t just stop there because your extensions come with an extra side-portion of maintenance. For this look, hair shouldn’t take over – it shouldn’t be big and beautiful, more slim, chic and full of shine. We can’t promise it will be easy, but it will be worth it. Just imagine the benefits of having butt-grazing hair one month, and shoulder-length the next. All the fun of the trends, without the lifetime commitment of growing (and inevitable mourning of chopping, come the next trend).

hair trends

Hip Grazing

The artist we have to credit for the return of long hair is Chris Appleton, the man behind the statement locks of both Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. Chris is said to be inspired to add 32-inch extensions after musing over a photo of Naomi Campbell. “If you go back in time, it’s kind of like Naomi,” he says. “The way she wore it, she looked so iconic. It is very dramatic.”


The key to getting this look is more than just length, you need to obtain a sleek and straight finish without adding grease or weight. We suggest first using a gloss spray on wet hair before blow-drying totally straight with a Mason Pearson brush. After drying, straightening is totally essential. Now we understand that hair this length is not going to take to daily washing, so be sure to wear your hair in loose braids as you sleep (or why not indulge in some silky pillowcases to really minimise hair breakage?).


Butt length hair, while beautiful, isn’t easy to maintain which is why we suggest a mid-way length. Hair that falls just below the bra strap is still uber long but is much easier to maintain. Don’t take our word for it? Just this week, Jennifer Lawrence (who has been seen with shoulder-length hair since around 2013) stepped out with a long blonde mane which is, most certainly, aided by extensions. Although, the great thing about this length of hair is the very real possibility that you can really grow it yourself.

Hair Today. . .

All blog articles are written by the Sixth Sense Salon Team, click here to check their AWESOME blog page.

Hair With That X Factor

While most of you are glued to X Factor each week to appraise the singing potential, we, at Sixth Sense, only ever have one thing on our minds – THE HAIR, it’s always about the hair! This year, the contestants are certainly on-point for style (present company excluded, Honey G) and here is our recap of the styles most likely to be replicated in salons all around the country.

Gifty Louise

X Factor Hair

While Gifty’s music career came to an abrupt end this weekend, her hair legacy will live on forever. This girl is proud of her natural fro, keeps it short on top and opts for a bleach blonde (christening herself ‘The Blond Girl’ on Instagram). The short length means that Gifty has a lot of fun donning wigs and sending Twitter into meltdown with speculation that her hair had grown a whopping 8 inches in a week (true story, this actually happened after Gifty donned a blonde wig during the live shows). Such a short do demands high attention to make-up and accessories – which Gifty nails (natch) with her statement oversized hoops.  One thing’s for sure, we’ll miss this girl’s golden halo!

Sam Lavery

X Factor Hair

Sam Lavery is like a totally different person from the girl who first did her audition. During her stay at the judge’s house, she was ordered to undertake a ‘make-under’, where she stripped back her make-up layers and over-styled hair to reveal something more much more fierce. For Sam, her signature is most certainly her locks and she works to add as much volume as possible, unashamedly back-combing and spritzing. The look is the nemesis of the power blow-dry, it’s messy, it’s frizzy, it’s wild. In debunking the idea that pop-stars have to be perfectly groomed, Sam is slaying it.

Matt Terry

X Factor

Still the favourite to win X Factor, the Louis Tomlinson look alike has had to work hard to pull away from any One Direction comparisons – both musically and aesthetically. Matt Terry did his best to not bench march his doppelganger with a hairstyle that was shorter on the sides and high in height, a modern day quiff if you will. This was good, Louis was still stuck with shaggy hair paying a belated tribute to Liam Gallagher – that was until Monday night when Louis stepped out to the Pride of Britain with the exact same hair-style as Matt!! We say, take it as a compliment.

Ryan Lawrie

X Factor Hair

Ryan Lawrie is the boy every one of us just wants to mother, cheeky and loyal to his girlfriend (contestant Emily Middlemas), Ryan is also flying the flag for boys with curls. Once upon a time, guys with kinks used to crop them into oblivion but, thankfully, times are a changing and we’re getting savvier in how we chop boy’s mops. Ryan’s hair  is short on the side and the curls are teased over to the left and held with lots of product. Ryan Lawrie, proving real men wear curls.

Only time will tell who will scoop the coveted X Factor winner 2016 award but, when it comes to best hair, these guys are all worthy.

5 Winter Celebrity Hair Trends


In winter, many of us enter a state of hibernation when it comes to our beauty and hair regime.  The cold brings with it a tendency to be more risk adverse while the bountiful options in hats and headwear makes us more prone to cover-up. Celebs, however, seem to live in another league – slaying winter with some brand new hairstyles. Whether it’s Solange and her ability to push a summer vibe into winter, or Rita Orla resurrecting the Barbie pony-tail – celebs have something for everyone. Here are our favourite 5 styles for you to try:

Kristen Stewart – Faux Undercut Crop

Hair trends

Channelling 1990s David Beckham, Kristen Stewart has gone for a deep side parting and swept it over to one size for a faux-under cut styling. The key to this look is hiding all your length as best as you can, sleeking sides right back and securing with pins – from a distance, you should make them think you’ve gone for a crop. For colour, channel Beckham’s bleached blonde crop with platinum tones which look really striking against a winter staple of black.

Solange – Brushed-Out Waves

hair trends

Remember the rule about never brushing out your curls?  Put it to one side and let curls be curls. Take your brush and go wild loosening up for your curls, making room for volume and even frizz. A refreshing Bohemian trend for winter, which is traditionally a time that sees us a bit more uptight. Unashamedly don a winter hat without worrying about hat hair (the struggle is real).

Rita Ora – The Barbie Doll Ponytail

hair trends

Do you remember styling your Barbie doll with mashoof ponytails?  Hair is going nostalgic with a nod to the 80s and voluminous ponies. It’s an easy look to recreate because it works best on hair that isn’t just washed, nor does it really require brushing – simply pull up and go. Or, for more volume, you can back-comb the length or even reach for your retro crimpers. If this style sits well with you, why not experiment with some side positioning? (bleached double denim not included).

Gigi Hadid – Hair, Hair, Hair

hair trends

Proving that good hair never goes out of season, Gigi Hadid goes for length and volume. In terms of colour, work to add dimensions with different tones – which stops hair being a little bit too flat. This look relies on really taking care of your locks with conditioning treatments and regular trims (or, you know, cheat and go for extensions – sorry not sorry).

Ruby Rose – Covetable Crop

hair trends

Proving that the crop has so much potential is short-hair ambassador Ruby Rose. Think that having short hair gives you fewer options? Follow Ruby’s lead as she styles a quiff, a side parting and even a sweeping fringe. Ruby even experiments freely with colour and, since the length is so short, it’s simple for her to be blonde one day, brunette the next. The chameleon haircut is perfectly flattering to Ruby’s personality. If you’ve thinking about going short for a while, take a chance – it might just be the best Christmas present you’ve ever given yourself.

Love, The 6S Team xx

The Curl Comeback

Curls Comeback

We could probably thank both New York and London, for their Fashion Week throwback homage to the era best forgotten (pointing the finger at you, 1980s!). Because it was only after their interpretations of the 80s power blow dry that curls starting cracking through. Don’t worry though, curls are subject to a pretty wide interpretation from the loose and undone, to the tightly wound 80s perm. Hairstylists were summing up their collections with keywords like “unique” but, in all essence, what is means is – it’s time to let curls be curls.

Here is the low down on everything you need to know about the curl comeback.

Retro Waves

Charlotte Olympia choreographed a visual extravaganza of a show. Think models and dances in gold sequin swimsuits, dancing with giant fruit. The theme was Tropicana and the mood was wonderfully nostalgic, with a nod to 1930s ShowTime. Hair was styled by thee Sam McKnight and locks were set in heated rollers and then lightly tonged to give a classic 40s wave with a contemporary feel. The joy of this look is, it seems effortless but it’s actually subject to some pretty intensive crafting and setting – we’d predict it’s Bridal Hair penetration by Spring next year.

Curl Comeback

Crimp and Curl

The Topshop Unique show was one of the highlights of London Fashion Week, not just because of the clothes (think zebra and high waist pencil skirts) but because of the hair. Locks were fresh and funky, a homage to that roller boot Barbie you had age 5. That’s right, we are talking brushed out girls and crimps (yes, they still make crimping irons – just with less frazzle potential). A side ponytail and a scrunchie wouldn’t be out of place either – not sure if that’s sold it or made you just want to take cover for a few months?

Curl Comeback

Tousled Waves

We’ve already given the lowdown on the ‘Surf’s Up’ hair trend, and here is an interpretation of the same undone trend. Think uber long hair, towel dried and then teased and twisted into natural curls with a texturizing paste. Unlike the ‘Surf’s Up’ trend which requires a bleached blonde base, the tousled look is one for the brunettes too. The vibe is all about being a bit undone, think pool sides and beach parties – boo hiss, be gone winter, we are all over this already.

curl comeback

Off Duty

It’s not just the runway that commands attention, muses of the moment are papped just as much off the runway as on!  And on the street, curls were fighting for attention. Model Alanna Arrington was photographed dressed down (in a ‘Never Trust A Crusty’ Tee) and beautiful curls that just hover above her shoulders. The message was simple, if you are blessed with natural waves – don’t fear the Weatherman, just let your locks do their thing.

Curl Comeback

Curls For Boys

Tom Ford always succeeds in being totally on-point, whilst still giving a classic nod to previous eras. During Fashion Week, it was evident the Fashion House was having a bit of a 70s moment with a homage to the one and only afro fro. We’re talking about male models with a mop on top, like the model Yassine Rahal whose curly locks has constantly earned him the appreciation of men and woman alike. We can see why #swoon.

Curl Comeback


If you are local, and this trend is for you, pop by to Sixth Sense Salon (your number one hair salon sutton coldfield) to learn more about how to get this look.

Love, as always the 6S Team


All blog articles are written by the Sixth Sense Salon Team, click here to check their AWESOME blog page.

Succulent Hair Trend

succulent hair

Succulents are the ultimate easy to own plant – requiring little water and not much attention, as they continue to thrive and grow in their little corner of neglect. Often over-looked for more garnish flowers, desert succulents have been sitting there quietly bidding their time until world  domination (or Instagram take-over, same thing)  – and their time is now, penetrating the world of fashion, beauty, and hair. Of course, we’re only interested in the succulent hair trend and, if you follow Instagram, you’ll see that that it’s also most fashionistas’ preoccupation too. #succulenthair is a thing – are you ready?

OK, the first thing to know is – just because the muse is a succulent, don’t assume the upkeep is as easy. We won’t lie, the upkeep of the succulent hair colour is seriously laborious (much more epic than keeping a plant alive for a week) but if the beauty gods want to set us a challenge, then we are game.

What is the succulent hair trend?

To break it down, it’s hair trend totally based on the Sandi-type succulents you can buy in Ikea. The little rubber, waxy type plants that come in green, teals, red, pinks, oranges, purples are the latest muse for hair colourists but, before you judge, take a look at the results as they are simply outstanding.

If you look really hard, you can kind of see how a succulent could provide inspiration – not many plants have green roots and magenta ends, or swirls of deep purples and reds. Given the amount of upticks in pastels at the moment, think of the Rose Gold trend and even the upsurge in Unicorn Hair (true story).  This trend isn’t totally surprising but the ombré colour cuts a bolder statement than most.

succulent hair succulent hair succulent hair

Getting the look

The most common succulent take is to go green on the roots and length, transitioning to pink on the ends. We’d like to say it’s simple to get the look, but very often nature provides us with colour palettes that can’t be recreated – so it’s best to have a good chat with your colourist about the colours that can be captured. The first step is to bleach the hair (unless you are exceptionally light) so that the vibrant colours have something to grip to. Of course, in order to undertake a total bleach stripping process, it’s ideal that your hair is in optimum condition – the plan, after all, is to go succulent and not cactus.

As we said above, the upkeep is pretty epic.  It’s recommended to only wash your hair twice a week with ice-cold water as heat will dilute the colouring, sadly the whole water once a month upkeep that works with real succulents doen’t cut it here.


If you want the look, DO check out Instagram for inspiration, DON’T bring a potted plant along to your salon.