Julie Emery



I was first introduced to Sixth Sense via the Breast Friends Charity (Sutton Coldfield) as unfortunately I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in February 2015.

Sixth Sense had already been in discussions with Breast Friends as they really wanted to be embedded within the community, helping where they could.  When Jackie Benzecry (Chairperson of Breast Friends) contacted me and spoke to me about Sixth Sense I was a little confused as to how a hairdressers could help me as at the time I’d lost my hair due to the chemotherapy treatment I was receiving.

But ‘WOW’ what a difference this salon has made to my life!  From the moment I stepped in the doors I felt uplifted, every member of staff took time to come over to me to say hello and welcome me into their salon.  The atmosphere was relaxed yet uplifting, everyone was chatting not only about the consultation with their stylist but clients were chatting to each other.  It was very friendly and welcoming from day one and this has continued.

So with no hair to style what was I doing here?  Sixth Sense stock and use a product called Nioxin which helps to replenish and nourish your scalp and hair when you’ve either lost it through treatment or have thinning hair due to a hormonal imbalance or the effects of aging.

I go every 4 weeks for a dermabrasion on my scalp which deep cleanses allowing the hair follicles to breathe.  I also use the Nioxin Cleanser (shampoo) and Conditioner every day and the results have been unbelievable!  My hair has come back even, thick and strong and since my experience, numerous ladies are going to Sixth Sense and everyone is so pleased with their ongoing results.

Sixth Sense are so considerate to the needs of ladies who are in a similar position to myself, they hold evenings that are purely dedicated to the Nioxin service they offer.  These evenings are uplifting and are filled with laughter as ladies meet others in similar positions and book in for their first consultations.  I’ve watched ladies come into the salon for the first time a little daunted and wide eyed in their wigs and head scarfs and leave with glimmers of hope in their eyes as they know they are on the brink of looking in the mirror and feeling confident about their appearance again.  It’s priceless!

The above is just one of the many events they hold, all tailored accordingly to the audience they are addressing.  You are guaranteed an informed, enjoyable evening and sore cheeks from laughing so much.  Sixth Sense have really put themselves on the map, this is not your ‘run-of-the-mill’ hairdressers – they care about their staff, the community they work in and about their clients’.  They give, give, give and are changing lives for the better every day, but to them it’s just a normal day’s work.

Keep it up guys, we LOVE you too!

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